Ancient Music brought back to life


The Last Plantagenet – An Album of Richard III era inspired music

To celebrate the recovering of the body of King Richard III in Leicester we have written an album in the style of music from the era. Select expert musicians were called upon to participate in the recording of the album and more have been brought in for the live renditions.

The team comprised of:

  • Maryann Tedstone on Woodwind and Vocals
  • Michael Tedstone as Producer
  • Glenn Sharp on Lute, Guitar and Lyre.
  • Andy Jenkinson Lute (Live)
  • Alex Young Percussion (Live)
  • Tabatha Pegg  on Lead Vocals
  • Vicky Dean Vocals
  • Edie Lobo Vocals

The album is published by Felt Music and distributed online by Horus Music. The Last Plantagenet presents an idea of what King Richard III era music could have sounded like.

The album was recorded in our studios at the Phoenix Film and Digital media centre.

S.P.Q.R – An Album of Ancient Greek & Roman era inspired music

Our album S.P.Q.R is now available for digital download on itunes. Follow the link below to purchase your copy or buy the tracks individually!

S.P.Q.R is an album of what Ancient Greek and Roman music could have sounded like. The Orpheus Project takes a leap forward in using new techniques to bring ancient music back to life, written from a performers perspective of what is achievable using the instruments of the time and using Maryanns’ unique ideas on music of the period.

Orpheus Project S.P.Q.R on itunes