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Leicester Guildhall Performance of ‘The Last Plantagenet’

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Leicester Guildhall Performance of ‘The Last Plantagenet’

This Sunday we played our first performance of the ‘The Last Plantagenet Album’ at the Leicester Guildhall. From left to right Maryann is on recorder, Andy Jenkinson is playing lute, then Tabatha Pegg singing lead, Michael on Lute and Alex on drums. We played through our set a few times and it went down well! If you’re interested in seeing us play our next performance is at the Leicester Guildhall on August the 4th at 12.30. Several of the tracks in the live set are from the album and several are new tracks that have been written specially for the live events.

For more information on upcoming King Richard III events please do check out Also stay tuned because ‘The Last Plantagenet’ – our album of King Richard III era inspired music specially written for TV and Film will soon be available for download from itunes.